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Hhy Mo’zen  (life balance)

Healing sessions and training for living a balanced life by incorporating many healing modalities including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Prayer - Putting your needs and supplications into words to your God. Manifestation…ask and you shall receive.


  • Meditation - Quieting the voices in your head, clearing your mind, listening…hearing your higher power – God. Receiving knowledge. Creating peace from within.


  • Intuitive Card Readings - Life Journey cards for personal and spiritual guidance, wisdom, and knowledge. Directing you in the area of prayer, and where growth is coming or needed.

  • Bodywork - To get the lymphatic system flowing for detox, healing, and creating relaxation. Assisting you in changing the frequency of your physical and energetic body.

  • Crystal Therapy - The magnetic force around the crystal lines up with the magnetic force in the center of the earth to create a healing field. Each stone has a healing modality for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and protection.

  • Aromatherapy - The essence of plants, herbs, flowers, bark, etc.… Theses oils are meant as a medicine and should be treated as such. When smelled they open the limbic lobe of the brain and create an emotional release. These pure therapeutic grade oils help with healing: physically, spiritually, and mentally.


  • Reiki - Energy work for healing and balance. We are energy. We must be aligned and In tune to our frequency and vibration. Healing Energy

  • Chinese Cupping -  Ancient therapy to detox the body, break up muscular adhesion's, and to create healing and relaxation.


  • Hot Stones and Hot Shells - The warmth of the stones creates relaxation and relieves tension. Hot shells exfoliate the skin.


  • Anointing Oils - Oils that have been prayed over and blessed. Utilized For anointing people and animals with prayer and blessings.


Hhy Mo’zen  (life Balance) Training - learning to use the ancient skills of healing and current methods of today to stop the voices in our head (over thinking) and create a peaceful, balanced response to life. This class is for Personal, Businesses, team building, and Group Gatherings.

Time: Approximately 2 hours.

Price: Varies with location and travel time.

Hhy Mo’zen Private Session- incorporating many healing modalities including to but not limited to: bodywork, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Essential Oils, Hot Stones and Shells to created a relaxing body while adjusting the frequency and vibration to create healing.

Time: Varies

Price: Call or email for pricing


Life Journey Card Readings - positive guidance and preparing one for personal and spiritual matters.

Time: 45 minutes

Price: $50.00


Aura Readings - the color of your Aura is Reflective of your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. This light around you helps the reader in discernment of spirit that in turns helps you understand the balance, frequency and vibration of your physical and energetic body. What colors are your auras today?

Time: 30 minutes

Price: $25.00


Weddings - Officiant Minister- Uniting couples in marriage within Sevier and surrounding Counties.

Reverend J.A. Starr Officiant of Civil and Faith based Weddings. We welcome you to the Great Smoky Mountains serving the Gatlinburg and Sevier County area. Reverend Starr officiates all couples desiring to unite in marriage at your preferred location.

We also provide Tennessee Notary services.

Time: 1 hour and up.

Price: Please call


Chinese Cupping Private Session- Ancient Therapy used to break up muscular adhesions, get the lymphatic system moving detox the body, relive pain and create relaxation. Can be used for stubborn cellulite too.

Time: 1 hour

Price: $75.00

Life Journey Cards - Purchase these beautifully created cards for personal and spiritual matters, wisdom, and knowledge. Directing you in the area of prayer, and where growth and transformation is coming.

Price: $40.00 (includes tax, shipping and handling)

Click Here to order Life Journey Cards

Our Calendar - Purchase a 12 month calendar

Price: $12.00 (includes tax, shipping and handling)

Click Here to order 12 month calendar

My Book - In the labyrinth of life there is a lot of confusion, chaos, and heartbreak. Stress has been described as one of the most serious health problems, and it comes in many different forms, including: emotional, physical, mental, and environmental. Although stress is an inescapable part of life, we can find peace in this lifetime when we come to realize that the journey is just that: a journey, of energy, frequency, vibration, learning, and growing. We come to realize that this labyrinth of life is more than just the physical body, but it is spiritual and supernatural, full of wonderful mysteries and laughter. With each FGO you find your strength, your courage, your power, your peace. Most of all you find your true authentic self. My prayer is that if I can guide at least one person to peel off the layers and be who you are, while learning to live in peace and self-love, then I have fulfilled my calling, my passion, my truth. For me it has been a long road but now I walk in Peace and Love.

Price: $15.00 for the paperback (includes tax, shipping and handling)

Click Here to order My Book

There are many healing modalities to be used and shared to create personal balance, healing, and good health. Find what resonates with you, and your body. Practice it Daily.



Worship the Creator….

Acknowledge the Creation….


Traveling Labyrinth

I have a traveling (portable) Labyrinth and will travel. Please email me or call me at 276-619-1114 for details and pricing

If you have questions on any of our services, please Click Here for our online inquiry form or call me at 276.619.1114.

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