Learn The Art of Stress Management and Healing

Walk In Peace and Love

Reverend J.A. Starr, Minister and Healing Practitioner

Gatlinburg TN

Hhy Mo’zen™ Sessions and Training: receive and learn the art of Prayer, Meditation, Life Journey Card Reading, Bodywork, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Chinese Cupping, Hot Stones and Hot Shells, Anointing 0ils

About Julie Starr

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Rev Starr is a minister and healing practitioner specializing in the art of stress management. She is the founder of Hhy Mo’zen™ Healing sessions and training for living a balanced life by incorporating many healing modalities to equip you with the knowledge and skills to live a peaceful, stress free life. Rev Starr is the host of a local radio show “A Labyrinth of Healing”, she is a keynote speaker for conferences and events, the author of many articles in magazines and publications and now the author of her first book “Hhy Mo’zen™”.

“If I can help at least one person to walk this journey of life a little easier, then I too am Blessed”. J.A. Starr

Rev. Starr is the previous owner of Starr’s Esthetic Training and a Time to Heal. Ms. Starr holds licenses and certificates in many healing modalities and is a facilitator for training one in meditation and walking the labyrinth (walking meditation). She also is a certified Tennessee Notary.

Rev. Starr is available speak at your next event, your business team building program or private gathering on the art of stress management and equipping you and your team and friends on living a peaceful, stress free life. (we bring the Labyrinth when we come if so desired)

J.A. Starr has created the most beautiful Life Journey Cards as a positive guidance for personal and Spiritual matters. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to get out of our (over thinking) head and live from our heart, or in the middle of an FGO (F…. Growth Opportunity) that change is hard and transformation requires patience, prayer and guidance. These purposeful Life Journey Cards do just that.

In the labyrinth of life there is a lot of confusion, chaos and heartbreak. Stress has been described as one of the most serious of health problems, it comes in many different forms: emotional, physical, mental, environmental and although stress is an inescapable part of life, we can find peace in this life time when we come to realize that the journey is just that: a journey, of energy, frequency, vibration, learning and growing. That this labyrinth of life is more than just the physical body, but it is spiritual, supernatural, full of wonderful mysteries and laughter. With each FGO you find your strength, your courage, your power, your peace but most of all you find your true authentic self.